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NC Wing Tsun has been teaching Chinese Martial Art in the Carolina area since 2007

Wing Tsun Kung Fu is the only martial system created by a women, which make it unique in the martial arts world. The Wing Tsun system intelligently utilizes angle, position and leverage instead of "strength vs strength" of a traditional fighting system. This make Wing Tsun ideal for anyone regardless of size, strength and speed.

The system was popularized in West by Bruce Lee in the 60's and 70's, being the martial art system he learned in Hong Kong prior to his arrival in the United States. In recent times, the "Ip Man" series of movies has featured the Legendary Wing Tsun Grand Master and was the "head" of the system Bruce Lee learned from.

Getting started in Wing Tsun

Make an appointment with NC Wing Tsun for a private 1 hour introduction class, where you will learn Wing Tsun basic movements and concepts. You can ask question about the system and evaluate my teaching sytle in a relax environment. The introduction class is design to prepare you to attend normal classes that is held at the J'adore Ballroom which is located near the "Heart" Charlotte.

Contact NC Wing Tsun

If you have question or want to make an appointment for an intro class please use the following contact methods
Phone:704 200 3147 or by email:


J'adore Ballroom
508 Griffith Road

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Class Schedule:

Tuesday:   6:00PM to 7:30PM
Thursday: 6:00PM to 7:30PM

Videos of Wing Tsun Kung Fu

Check out Sifu Alex Richter:
Head instructor at City Wing Tsun